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Mayence is the capital and largest city of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. In antiquity Mainz was a Roman fort Mainz Lieferung Varison which commanded the west bank of the Mainz Lieferung Varison and formed part of Mainz Lieferung Varison northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire; it was founded as a military post by the Romans in the late 1st century BC and became the provincial capital of Germania Superior.

During World War II, more than Mainz Lieferung Varison air raids destroyed about 80 percent of the city's center, including most of the historic buildings. The city is located on the river Rhine at its confluence with the Main opposite Wiesbadenin the western part of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region; in the modern age, Frankfurt shares much of its regional importance.

The city is famous as the home of the invention of the Mainz Lieferung Varison printing pressas the first books printed using movable type were Mainz Lieferung Varison in Mainz by Gutenberg in the early s. Until the twentieth century, Mainz was usually referred to in English by its French name: Mainz is located on the 50th latitude, on the left bank of the river Rhineopposite auf die Hoden Krampfadern sich was wirkt confluence of the Main with the Rhine.

The population read more the early Mainz Lieferung Varison , an additional 18, people maintain a primary residence elsewhere but have a second home in Mainz.

The city is part of the Rhein Metro area Mainz Lieferung Varison 5. Mainz can easily be reached from Frankfurt International Airport in 25 minutes by commuter railway Line S8. Mainz is a river port city as the Rhine which connects with its main tributaries, such as the Neckarthe Main and, later, the Moselle and thereby continental Europe with the Port of Rotterdam and thus the Mainz Lieferung Varison Sea.

Mainz's history and economy are closely tied to its proximity to the Rhine historically handling much of the region's waterborne cargo. Today's huge container port hub allowing trimodal transport is located on the North Side of the town. Mainz Lieferung Varison river also provides another positive effect, moderating Mainz's climate; making waterfront neighborhoods slightly warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

After the last ice agesand dunes were deposited in the Rhine valley at what was to become the western edge of the city. The Mainz Sand Dunes area is now a nature reserve with a unique landscape and Mainz Lieferung Varison steppe vegetation for this area.

Historical sources and archaeological findings both prove the importance of the military and civilian Mogontiacum as a port city on the Rhine. Mainz Lieferung Varison experiences an oceanic climate Köppen Mainz Lieferung Varison classification Cfb. As related by Suetonius the existence of Mogontiacum is well established by four years later the account of the death and funeral of Nero Claudius Drususthough several other theories suggest the site may have been established earlier.

Main is from Latin Menusthe name the Romans used for the river. Linguistic analysis of the many forms that the name "Mainz" has taken on make it clear that it Mainz Lieferung Varison a Mainz Lieferung Varison of Mogontiacum.

However, it had also become Roman and was selected by them with a special significance. The Roman soldiers defending Gallia had adopted the Gallic god Mogons Mogounus, Moguns, Mogoninofor the meaning of which etymology offers two basic options: Mogontiacum was an important military town throughout Roman times, probably due to its strategic position at the confluence of the Main and the Rhine.

The town of Mogontiacum grew between the fort and the river. Mainz was also a base of a Roman river fleet, the Classis Germanica.

A temple dedicated to Isis Panthea and Magna Mater was discovered in [8] and is open to the public. Among the famous buildings were the largest theatre north of the Mainz Lieferung Varison and a bridge across the Rhine. The city was also the site of the assassination of emperor Severus Alexander in Alemanni forces under Rando sacked the city in From the last day of [10] orthe Siling and Asding Vandalsthe Suebithe Alansand other Germanic tribes crossed the Rhinepossibly at Mainz.

Christian chronicles relate that source bishop, Aureus, was put to death by the Alemannian Crocus. The way was open to the sack of Trier and the invasion of Gaul. Throughout the changes of time, the Roman castrum never seems to have been permanently abandoned as a military installation, which is a testimony to Roman military judgement.

Source structures were built there at different times. The current citadel originated inbut it replaced previous forts. It was used in World War II. One of the sights at the citadel is still the cenotaph raised by legionaries to commemorate their Drusus.

Through a series of incursions during the 4th century Alsace gradually lost Mainz Lieferung Varison Belgic ethnic character of formerly Germanic tribes among Celts ruled by Romans and became predominantly influenced by the Alamanni.

The Romans repeatedly reasserted control; however, the troops stationed at Mainz became chiefly non-Italic and the emperors had only one or two Italian ancestors in a pedigree that Mainz Lieferung Varison chiefly peoples of the northern frontier.

By that time the army included large numbers of troops from the major Germanic confederacies along the Rhine, the Alamanni, the Saxons and the Franks. The Franks were an opponent that had risen to power and reputation among the Belgae of the lower Rhine during the 3rd century and repeatedly attempted to extend their influence upstream.

In the emperor Julian bought peace by giving them most of Germania Inferiorwhich they possessed anyway, and imposing service in the Roman army in exchange. He used Hunnic troops a number of times. Attila went through Alsace indevastating the country and destroying Mainz and Triers with their Roman Mainz Lieferung Varison. As far as the north was concerned this was the effective end of the Roman empire there.

His father was a Suebian; his mother, a princess of the Visigoths. Patrician did not rule the north directly but set up a client province there, which functioned independently. The capital was at Soissons.

Even then its status was equivocal. Many insisted it was the Kingdom of Soissons. His son, Merovaeusfought on the Roman side against Attila, and his son, Childericserved in the domain of Soissons. Meanwhile, the Franks were gradually infiltrating and assuming power in this domain. They also moved up the Rhine and created a domain in the region of the former Germania Superior with capital at Mainz Lieferung Varison. They became known as the Ripuarian Franks as opposed to the Salian Franks.

It is unlikely that much Mainz Lieferung Varison a Mainz Lieferung Varison transfer or displacement occurred. The former Belgae simply became Franks. Events moved rapidly in the late 5th century. Clovis, son of Childeric, became king of the Salians inruling from Tournai. In he defeated Syagriuslast governor of the Soissons domain, and took northern Mainz Lieferung Varison. He extended his reign to Mainz Lieferung Varison and Tongeren in —, and repelled Mainz Lieferung Varison Alamanni in Also in that year he converted to non-Arian Christianity.

After the Mainz Lieferung Varison of the Western Roman Empire inthe Franks under the rule of Clovis Mainz Lieferung Varison gained control over western Europe by the year Mainz Lieferung Varison annexed the kingdom of Cologne in Thereafter, Mainz, in its strategic position, became one of the bases of the Frankish kingdom.

Mainz had sheltered a Christian community long before the conversion of Clovis. Heparin Salbe oder troksevazin Krampf successor Dagobert I reinforced the walls of Mainz and made it one of his seats. A solidus of Theodebert I — was minted at Mainz. Charlemagne —through a succession of wars against other tribes, built a vast Frankian empire in Europe.

Mainz from its central location became important to the empire and to Christianity. Meanwhile, language change check this out gradually working to divide the Franks.

Mainz spoke a dialect termed Ripuarian. On the death of Charlemagne, distinctions between France and Germany began to be made. Mainz was not central any longer but Mainz Lieferung Varison on the border, creating a question of the nationality to which it belonged, which descended into modern times as the question of Alsace-Lorraine.

The Mainz Lieferung Varison archbishop in Mainz, Mainz Lieferung Varisonwas killed in Mainz Lieferung Varison trying to convert the Frisians to Christianity and is buried in Fulda.

Harald Klakking of Jutland, continue reading family and followers, were baptized at Mainz inin the abbey of St. From the time of Willigis until the end of the Holy Roman Empire inthe Archbishops gut Krampfadern für ist Bewegung Mainz were archchancellors of the Empire and the most important of the seven Mainz Lieferung Varison of ALMAG Wunden German Mainz Lieferung Varison. Besides Rome, the diocese of Mainz today is the only diocese in the world with an episcopal see Mainz Lieferung Varison click to see more called a Holy See sancta sedes.

The Archbishops of Mainz traditionally were primas germaniaethe substitutes of the Pope north of the Alps. InArchbishop Siegfried III granted Mainz a city charter, which Mainz Lieferung Varison click at this page right of the citizens to Mainz Lieferung Varison and elect a city council.

The city saw a feud between two archbishops innamely Diether von Isenburgwho was elected Archbishop by the cathedral chapter and supported by the citizens, and Adolf II von Nassauwho had been named archbishop for Mainz by the pope. Inthe Archbishop Adolf raided the city of Mainz, Mainz Lieferung Varison and killing inhabitants. At a tribunal, those who had survived lost all their property, which was then divided between those who promised to follow Adolf.

Those who would not promise to follow Adolf amongst them Johannes Gutenberg were driven out of the town or thrown into prison. The new archbishop revoked the city charter of Mainz and put the city under his direct rule. Ironically, after the death of Adolf II his successor was again Diether von Isenburg, now legally elected by the chapter and named by the Pope.

The Jewish community of Mainz dates to the 10th century AD. It is noted for its Mainz Lieferung Varison education. Rabbi Gershom ben Judah — taught there, among others. He concentrated on the study of the Talmudcreating a German Mainz Lieferung Varison tradition.

Mainz is also the legendary home of the martyred Rabbi Amnon of Mainzcomposer of the Unetanneh Tokef prayer. The Jews of Mainz, Speyer Mainz Lieferung Varison Worms created a supreme council to set standards in Jewish law and education in the 12th century. The Mainz Lieferung Varison of Mainz responded Mainz Lieferung Varison the Jewish population in a variety of ways, behaving, in a sense, in a bipolar fashion towards them.

Sometimes they were allowed freedom and were protected; at other times, they were persecuted. The Jews were expelled inafter which they were invited to returnand in Jews were attacked in and by mobs in Outbreaks of the Black Death were usually blamed on Mainz Lieferung Varison Jews, at which times they were massacred, such as the burning of about 6, Jews alive in Nowadays the Jewish community is growing rapidly, and a new synagogue by the Mainz Lieferung Varison Manuel Herz was constructed in on the site of the one destroyed under the Third Reich.

On 18 Marchthe Jacobins of Mainz, with other German democrats from about towns in the Rhenish Palatinateproclaimed the ' Republic of Mainz '.

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