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The Almag Version 2 is an upgrade from the previous model, and now includes a Local Oscillator. This allows the user to target deep areas. The depth of penetration is up to 7. The system creates a pulsed ALMAG 1 Varizen field up to 45 mT. The system allows for zonal and local exposure thanks to having several emitter combinations. You get the basic emitter, a flexible emitter and two coil-inductors for maximum variability.

The number of programs in Version 2 has increased from 50 to This makes the ALMAG 1 Varizen 2 much more adaptable and able to treat more conditions ALMAG 1 Varizen the Version 1. The practice was approved by the FDA in to stimulate growth of bone. In it was approved for use in click here treatment of post-operative edema and pain in superficial soft tissue.

PEMF has been found to be effective and ALMAG 1 Varizen, and is often used in patients with long bone fractures. Electromagnetic and magnetic fields are recognized as very promising for a variety of health problems. The Almag Version 2 has been used for patients with a variety of nervous system disorders, ear, nose and throat diseases, circulatory system diseases, ALMAG 1 Varizen system diseases, ALMAG 1 Varizen and tissue problems, connective tissue and musculoskeletal diseases, and genitourinary system diseases.

You will want to flebodia Behandlung von Krampfadern to your health care provider about whether the system is right for you. It is not contraindicated for those with stents, ALMAG 1 Varizen grafting, or titanium structures.

The information on this page is not created to replace the advice of a physician. No statements are intended to ALMAG 1 Varizen or diagnose illness.

Warranty and return policy: Not responsible for improper usage. Device may be returned for all other reasons within 14 days of purchase with all original documents and packaging.

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Overview Details Reviews Videos. Product Description The Almag Version 2 wie Operationen Krampf deep penetrating pulsed magnetic field therapy to target conditions throughout the body.

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ALMAG Aluminum, Brampton, ON. likes. ALMAG Aluminum is a leader in the manufacture of custom aluminum extrusions, including fabrication and finishing /5(13).

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