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Tremonia is an independent city in North Rhine-WestphaliaGermany. It is in the middle part of the state and is considered Gel von Krampf Apotheken be the administrative, commercial and cultural centre of the eastern Ruhr area. Its population ofmakes it the 8th largest city in Germany.

Moreover, Dortmund is the largest city by area and population in the Dortmund bestellt Varison Areaan urban area with some 5. Founded around[2] Dortmund became an Imperial Free City. Dortmund bestellt Varison the 13th to 14th centuries, it was the "chief city" of the Rhine, Westphalia, the Netherlands Circle of the Hanseatic League. After the Thirty Years' War the city was destroyed and decreased in significance until the onset of industrialization.

The city then became one of Germany's most important coal, steel and beer centres until the s. The region has adapted since the collapse of its century long steel and coal industries and shifted to high technology biomedical technologymicro systems technology and also services.

InDortmund was classified as a Node city in the Innovation Cities Dortmund bestellt Varison published by 2thinknow [3] and is the most sustainable city in Germany. Dortmund is home to many Dortmund bestellt Varison and educational institutions, including the Technical University Dortmund bestellt Varison Dortmund and Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and ArtsInternational School of Management and other educational, cultural and administrative facilities with over 49, students, many museums, such as Museum OstwallMuseum für Kunst und KulturgeschichteGerman Football Museumas well as theatres and music venues like the Konzerthaus or the opera house of Dortmund.

The city Dortmund bestellt Varison known as Westphalia's " green metropolis". Nearly half the municipal territory consists of waterways, woodland, agriculture and green spaces with spacious parks such as Westfalenpark and Rombergpark.

This stands in a stark contrast with nearly a hundred years of extensive coal mining and steel milling within the city limits. Dortmund is home to Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e. Dortmund, commonly known as Borussia Dortmunda successful club in German football.

The first time Dortmund Dortmund bestellt Varison mentioned in official documents was around [2] as Check this out. It became an Imperial Dortmund bestellt Varison City. Afterthe city appeared in writing as "Dorpmunde". The earthquake made the Reinoldikirche collapse. It was part of Grand Duchy of Berg between and before passing to Prussian rule. Within the Prussian Province of WestphaliaDortmund was a district seat within Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg untilwhen it became an urban district within the region.

During the industrialisation of Prussia, Dortmund became a major centre for Dortmund bestellt Varison and steel. InDortmund was one Dortmund bestellt Varison the centres for resistance to the Kapp Putsch - a right military coup launched against the Social Democratic -led government. Radical workers formed a Red Army who fought the freikorps units involved in the coup.

Under Dortmund bestellt Varison Germanythe Old synagogue was destroyed in The code word Dortmund was radioed to initiate the Operation Barbarossa campaign against the Soviet Union. The Allied ground advance into Germany reached Dortmund in April The division, assisted by close air support, advanced through the ruins in urban combat and completed its capture on 13 April After the war, buildings such as the main churches Reinoldikirche and Marienkirche were restored or rebuilt, and extensive parks and gardens were laid out.

The LWL-Industriemuseum was founded in[11] and the city subsequently became a regional centre for hi-tech industry. On 3 Novembermore than 20, people were evacuated after a 4,pound bomb from World War II was found. German authorities safely defused the bomb. The bomb was found after analysing old aerial photographs while searching for unexploded bombs dropped by Allied aircraft over Germany's industrial Ruhr region.

Dortmund is an independent city located in the east of the Ruhr area, one of the largest urban areas here Europe see also: The following cities border Dortmund clockwise starting from Dortmund bestellt Varison Moreover, Dortmund is part of Westphalian Lowland and adjoins with Dortmund bestellt Varison Ardey Hills in the south of the city to the Dortmund bestellt Varison. The Dortmund bestellt Varison point can be found in the northern borough please click for source Brechten at 48,9m, the highest point in the borough of Syburg at ,3 m.

Dortmund comprises 62 neighbourhoods which in Dortmund bestellt Varison are grouped into twelve boroughs called Stadtbezirkeoften named after the most important neighbourhood. Each Stadtbezirk is assigned a Roman numeral and has a local governing body of nineteen members with limited authority. Most of the boroughs were originally independent municipalities but were gradually annexed from to This long-lasting process of annexation has led to a strong identification of the population with "their" Dortmund bestellt Varison or districts and to a rare peculiarity: The borough of Hörde, located in the south of Dortmund and independent untilhas its own coat of arms.

Dortmund is situated in the temperate climate zone. Winters are comparatively mild, summers rather Precipitation evenly falls throughout the year; steady rain with some snowprevails in the wintertime, isolated showers dominate the summer season.

Dortmund features characteristics of densely populated areas as for example this web page occurrence of Dortmund bestellt Varison heat islands is typical.

Dortmund's population grew rapidly in the time of the 19th century industrialisation when coal mining and steel processing in the city began. During the Dortmund bestellt Varison century the area around Dortmund called Ruhr attracted up toethnic PolesMasurians and Silesians from East Prussia and Silesia in a migration known as Ostflucht flight from the east.

Most of the new inhabitants came from Eastern Europe, but immigrants also came from France Laser-Chirurgie Kosten, Irelandand the United Kingdom.

Almost all their descendants today speak German as ohne leben wie Krampfadern mother tongue, and for various reasons they do not identify with their Polish roots and traditions, often only their Polish family names remaining as a just click for source of their past.

Not taking the fluctuation source war years into account, the population figures rose constantly toin As a result Dortmund bestellt Varison the city's post-industrial decline, the population fell to just underin Contrary to those projections, population figures have been on the up in the recent years due to net migration gains.

Dortmund has seen a moderate influx of younger people 18 to 25 years of age mainly because of its universities. Consequently, Dortmund bestellt Varison figures have been corrected, which resulted in a statistical "loss" of 9, inhabitants in Dortmund.

Dortmund bestellt Varison was historically a Protestant -dominated city. However, during the 19th century an increasing number of Catholics moved there from East PrussiaSilesia and Poland. As of the largest Christian denominations were Protestantism The Church of holy apostle gre. The Jewish community has a Dortmund bestellt Varison dating back to Medieval times and has always ranked among Dortmund bestellt Varison largest in Westphalia.

The synagogues operate there in City center, Hörde and Dorstfeld. Due to the growing immigration of people from Muslim countries beginning in the s. Dortmund has source large Muslim Dortmund bestellt Varison with more than 30 Mosques.

Dortmund is one of nineteen fei boo von Krampfadern district-free Dortmund bestellt Varison kreisfreie Dortmund bestellt Varison in Dortmund bestellt Varison Rhine-Westphaliawhich means that it does not form part of another general-purpose local government entity, in this case it Dortmund bestellt Varison not part of a Landkreis '.

Dortmund is often called the Herzkammer der SPD roughly translated as "heartland of the Social democrats"which is the politically dominant party in the city. Since the end of the war, the SPD has held a relative majority in the town council - except from to Since the local election, there have been 8 parties and electors' groups in the town council 86 seats; He has had to work with changing majorities in the local council.

The last municipal election was held on Dortmund has a large number of international relations and partnerships.

It is currently twinned with: Dortmund's city centre offers a picture full of contrasts. Historic buildings like Altes Stadthaus or the Krügerpassage Dortmund bestellt Varison shoulders with post-war architecture like Gesundheitshaus and concrete constructions with Romanesque churches like the Reinoldikirche and the Marienkirche.

The reconstruction of the city followed the style of the s, while respecting the old layout and naming of the streets. Just click for source downtown of Dortmund still retains the outline of the medieval city. Thus, the city today Dortmund bestellt Varison characterized by simple Dortmund bestellt Varison modest post-war buildings, with a few interspersed pre-war Dortmund bestellt Varison which were reconstructed due Dortmund bestellt Varison their historical importance.

Some buildings of the "Wiederaufbauzeit" era of reconstructionGymnastik für Schwangere Varizen example the opera house are nowadays Dortmund bestellt Varison as classics of modern architecture.

Unlike the Dortmund city centre, much of the inner districts around the old medieval centre escaped damage in the second world war and post war redevelopment. The Kreuzviertel is Dortmund bestellt Varison by old buildings, the majority of which come from the turn of the 20th century to In the second World Warrelatively few buildings were destroyed in comparison to other areas of the city.

Today, Kreuzviertel forms a nearly homogeneous historic building area. The west park is the green lung of the Downtown of Dortmund and in the months between May and October a centre of the student Dortmund bestellt Varison life.

learn more here today many artists choose Kreuzviertel as their residence: The northern part of Dortmund called Nordstadt, situated in a territory of As the largest homogeneous old building area in Ruhr the Nordstadt is a melting pot of different people of different countries and habits just a few steps from the city center.

Dortmund bestellt Varison Nordstadt is an industrial urban area that was mainly developed in the 19th Century to serve the Westfalenhütte steelworks, port and rail freight depot.

All of the Dortmund bestellt Varison live in a Dortmund bestellt Varison populated hectare area the most densely populated residential area in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with steelworks, port and railway lines acting as physical barriers cutting off the area from the city centre Dortmund bestellt Varison other residential districts. The area has been badly affected by the of these heavy industries, with the target area developing a role as the home for growing numbers of immigrants and socially disadvantaged groups partly because of the availability of cheaper although poor quality accommodation.

Nevertheless, two parks — Fredenbaumpark and Hoeschpark — are situated there. There is also much Dortmund bestellt Varison for Dortmund bestellt Varison to spend their free time.

For example, the 35 meters high Big Tipi, which was brought in from the Expo in Hanover. All of that should attract families to settle in, but low prices of apartments and a der Blutfluss Verletzung a1 uterine of renting offers speak for the contrary. This developed into the youngest population of Dortmund is living and created a district with art house cinemas to ethnic stores, from exotic restaurants to student pubs.

The Borsigplatz is probably Dortmund bestellt Varison of the best known squares in the Nordstadt. Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund was founded nearby, north-east of the Dortmund bestellt Varison railway station. The streets radiating outward to form a Dortmund bestellt Varison shape, the sycamore in the middle of the square and the tramline running diagonally across the square give Borsigplatz its very own flair.

In this district numerous magnificent buildings from the s and new buildings from the s are located next to the heritage-protected State Mining Office Dortmund, several Courts, Consulate and the East Cemetery. The district is characterize by the employee of the Amtsgericht, Landgericht the first and second Dortmund bestellt Varison of ordinary and the Prison.

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