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Superficial thrombophlebitis is a thrombosis and inflammation of superficial veins which presents as a painful Polimedel Thrombophlebitis with erythemaoften in a linear or branching configuration forming cords. It is generally a benign, self-limited disorder, however, it can be complicated by deep vein thrombosis DVT and even pulmonary embolism PE. In addition, there is often a palpable, sometimes nodular cord, due to thrombus within the affected vein.

Persistence of this cord when the extremity is raised suggests the presence of thrombus. Suppurative thrombophlebitis is suspected when erythema extends significantly beyond the margin of the vein and is likely to be associated with significant fever.

If suspected, antibiotic treatment, surgical drainage and potentially vein excision are indicated. Venous thromboembolism can occur with superficial vein thrombosis. Patient characteristics Es beginnt Krampfadern behandeln predisposing factors for Polimedel Thrombophlebitis nearly mirror those for DVT; thrombophlebitis is Polimedel Thrombophlebitis risk factor for the development of DVT, and vice versa.

Clinical evaluation is Polimedel Thrombophlebitis primary diagnostic tool for thrombophlebitis. Patients with thrombophlebitis complain of pain along the affected area.

Some report constitutional symptoms such as low grade fever and aches. On physical examination, the skin over the affected vein exhibits erythema, warmth, Polimedel Thrombophlebitis, and Polimedel Thrombophlebitis. Later in the disease, as induration subsides, erythema gives way to Polimedel Thrombophlebitis ruddy or bruised color. Duplex ultrasound identifies the Polimedel Thrombophlebitis, location and extent of venous thrombosis, and can help identify other pathology that may be a source of the patient's complaints.

Ultrasound is indicated if superficial phlebitis involves or extends into the proximal one-third of the medial thigh, there is evidence for clinical extension of Polimedel Thrombophlebitis, lower extremity swelling is greater than would be expected from a superficial phlebitis alone or diagnosis of superficial thrombophlebitis click the following article question.

Treatment with compression stockings should be offered to patients with lower Polimedel Thrombophlebitis superficial phlebitis, trophische Geschwürbehandlung ist nicht offen not contraindicated e. Patients may find them helpful for reducing swelling and pain once the acute inflammation subsides. Treatment Symptome von Krampfadern Behandlung fondaparinux reduces the risk of subsequent Polimedel Thrombophlebitis thromboembolism.

Somecases a year have been reported in the United States, but actual incidence of spontaneous thrombophlebitis is Polimedel Thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis can develop along the arm, back, or neck veins, the leg is by far the most common site. When it occurs in the leg, Polimedel Thrombophlebitis great saphenous vein is usually involved, although other locations are possible.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ultrasound of the Week. Retrieved Polimedel Thrombophlebitis May Andrews' Diseases Polimedel Thrombophlebitis the Skin: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Retrieved from go here https: Infobox medical condition Polimedel Thrombophlebitis. Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Polimedel Thrombophlebitis. Superficial thrombophlebitis as seen by ultrasound [1].


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Superficial thrombophlebitis as seen by ultrasound Superficial thrombophlebitis is a thrombosis and inflammation of superficial veins which presents as a painful induration with erythema, often in a linear or branching configuration forming cords.
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Superficial thrombophlebitis occurs when a superficial vein (usually the long saphenous vein of the leg or its tributaries) becomes inflamed and the blood within it clots. It may be spontaneous or associated with one or more risk factors - eg, varicose veins.
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Thrombophlebitis - superficial: Summary Superficial thrombophlebitis is a common disorder that occurs when a superficial vein becomes inflamed (phlebitis) and the blood within it clots (venous thrombosis). It may be spontaneous or be associated with one or more risk factors, such as varicose veins, intravenous cannulation, or previous superficial phlebitis. Septic thrombophlebitis .
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Thrombophlebitis is a phlebitis (inflammation of a vein) related to a thrombus (blood clot). When it occurs repeatedly in different locations, it is known as thrombophlebitis migrans, (migrating thrombophlebitis) [citation needed.
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Mondor's disease is a rare condition, thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins of the breast and anterior chest wall. First described in detail by Henri Mondor in , it is more frequently seen in women, although it can also occur in men ( ratio).
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