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The Varizen in Cherepovets of the word "Cherepovets" is a subject of much debate among the local historians. According to one version, the city supposedly received its name from the word "skull" cherep in Russian. In antiquity, a pagan sanctuary was there read more honor of the god Veles on the hill at the confluence of the Sheksna and Yagorba Rivers.

The top of the hill was called the "skull. According to some legends, "Cherepovets," in the language of local indigenous Vepsmeans "Veps' fish hill. The city is in the crossroads of the major Volga-Baltic waterway, west-east railroads, and gas pipelines, and between two Russian federal cities — Moscow and St.

The foundation of Cherepovets is traditionally ascribed to two orthodox monks Feodosy and Afanasy. Inthey founded the Cherepovets Resurrection Monasteryin the vicinity Varizen in Cherepovets which a small village of Fedosyevo was founded. Historians consider the former village of Fedosyevo to be in the center of modern Cherepovets. Several centuries were needed to develop the small village into a prominent trade, manufacturing, and transportation regional center.

Cherepovets was granted city status in by Catherine the Great and became the center of a separate uyezd in the administrative structure of the Novgorod Governorate.

Construction of Mariinsk canal system in made a significant impact on the development of the city. At that time, the city was still in the very early stage of development with the population of residents by For a long time, the city brickworks with seven workers was the sole industrial enterprise in Cherepovets.

The development of Varizen in Cherepovets became click to see more dynamic after Emancipation Reform happened in and appearance of the shipbuilding industry. The Varizen in Cherepovets soon became a prominent shipbuilding and center tying major regional rail- and waterways.

The population had grown to 10, by After the revolution, in Marcheastern uyezds of the Novgorod Governorate were renamed to separate Cherepovets Governorate centered around Cherepovets. The new governorate existed for less than 10 years.

In Septembermost of the former Cherepovets Governorate territories with the exception of Tikhvin district were transferred to the newly established Vologda Oblast. The subsequent development of the city is closely tied to the completion of construction of the Cherepovets metallurgy plant now known as Severstal inVarizen in Cherepovets second-biggest in the country.

Unlike the majority of the most important metallurgy centers in the former Soviet Union, the location of the future steel plant was Varizen in Cherepovets far away from the actual mineral resources and deposits. The reason for that was the logistic advantage of having well-developed infrastructure that allowed connection of the north and northwest of the country by rail, road, and waterways into a single operation system.

It connected such remote mining centers as Vorkuta and Olenegorsk, Murmansk Varizen in Cherepovets. The rapid growth of industry center drastically changed the city, and by the early s, its population exceededresidents three times Varizen in Cherepovets than the pre- World War II population.

ByCherepovets had become the most populated city in Vologda Oblast. Within the framework of administrative divisionsCherepovets serves as the administrative center of Cherepovetsky District[3] though it is not a part of Varizen in Cherepovets. Cherepovets is an important industrial center in northwestern Russia mostly known for country's largest steel manufacturing plant, with exports going to more than 50 countries around the world.

The city began growing rapidly with the construction of the metallurgical works in the late s. The first works' blast furnace was Varizen in Cherepovets into operation in The first Cherepovets iron was produced in August and steel in May In Februarythe Varizen in Cherepovets ingot was rolled in a blooming mill, and in November of the same year, the first hot-rolled Varizen in Cherepovets was produced.

Nowadays, complex Varizen in Cherepovets processes of iron- and steel-making are highly mechanized Varizen in Cherepovets automatically operated. The works' shops have been modernized according to the latest achievements of engineering and technology of metal production. The second largest industry in the city is the chemical industry. Its main production area is concentrated in mineral fertilizers. As an outcome of the high volume of metallurgical and chemical production, Cherepovets is one of the most heavily polluted cities in the world.

According to assessment, the city ranked second only to NorilskRussia. Cherepovets Varizen in Cherepovets rail and road access to Vologdathe administrative center Varizen in Cherepovets the oblast, to Moscowthe capital Varizen in Cherepovets Russia, and to St.

Cherepovets has distinctive four-seasons humid continental climate [19] just above subarcticwith warm summers and cold but not Varizen in Cherepovets cold winters by Russian standards. Winter, however, lasts for Varizen in Cherepovets months, rendering transitional periods rather short.

The passing years have left their mark on the city's appearance. Large-scale housing and industrial construction have been carried out in the city. Over the past years, hundreds of new multistory blocks of apartments, detached and semi-detached houses were built in Cherepovets.

Not only is Cherepovets an industrial city, but also it is a center of culture, education, and sport, with associations of Varizen in Cherepovets writers, Varizen in Cherepovets, actors, painters, composers, and journalists. The city invests in sport and sports clubs. Cherepovets' athletes regularly compete in international and internal competitions.

The Severstal hockey club is well known in Kontinental Read article League. The Severstal basketball team, as well as Varizen in Cherepovets chess team, are a part of Russian Major League. Cherepovets is twinned with: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List Varizen in Cherepovets twin towns and sister cities in Russia.

State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation. Retrieved March 27, Retrieved December 17, Federal State Statistics Service. Retrieved Link 29, Please note that this value may not be accurate as the area specified in click to see more infobox does not necessarily correspond to the area of the entity proper or is reported for the same year as the population.

Government of the Russian Federation. Retrieved August 9, Varizen in Cherepovets School of Economics]. All Union Population Census of Ethnic composition of the population by regions of Russia. Vologda Oblast Official Website. Retrieved 17 May Retrieved January 24, Retrieved 24 January Administrative divisions of Vologda Oblast. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. This page was last edited Varizen in Cherepovets 10 Aprilat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Theatre in old town. Location of Vologda Oblast in Russia. Cherepovets Location of Cherepovets in Vologda Oblast. Cherepovetsky District[3] Varizen in Cherepovets of oblast significance Varizen in Cherepovets Cherepovets [2]. Cherepovets Urban Okrug [4]. Cherepovets on Wikimedia Commons.

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Cherepovets is an important center of ferrous metallurgy and the chemical industry; in addition to the Cherepovets Metallurgical Works, these industries are represented by a steel-rolling mill, a chemical plant, and a nitrogenous fertilizer plant.
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Cherepovets is an important center of ferrous metallurgy and the chemical industry; in addition to the Cherepovets Metallurgical Works, these industries are represented by a steel-rolling mill, a chemical plant, and a nitrogenous fertilizer plant.
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Varizen, zubereitungen Entfernung von beinvenen cherepovets Geburt krampf gebarmutter Krampfadern schamlippe und gynakologie Erkrankungen der .
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