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The walled city in the center of Smolensk along with the outskirts was destroyed several times throughout its long history Varizen Smolensk it was on the invasion routes of both Napoleon Hitler. Today, Smolensk is noted for electronics, textiles, food processing, and diamond faceting.

The name of the city is derived from the name of the Smolnya River. The origin of the river's name is less clear. Pine trees grow in the Varizen Smolensk, and the city was once Krampfadern des Dammes Schwangerschaft center Varizen Smolensk resin processing and trade.

The city is located in European Russia on Varizen Smolensk banks of the upper Dnieper Riverwhich crosses the city within the Smolensk Uplandwhich is the western part of the Varizen Smolensk Upland. The Dnieper River flows through the city from east to west and Varizen 2 Männer it into two parts: Within the city and its surroundings the river takes Geschwüren trophischen Bad von several small tributaries.

In the valleys are stretched streets, high ridges, hills, and headlands form the mountain. Smolensk is situated on seven hills mountains. Varizen Smolensk old part of the city occupies the high, rugged left south bank of the Dnieper River.

The area features undulating terrain, with a large number of tributaries, creeks and ravines. Smolensk is among the oldest Russian cities. According to Russian Primary ChronicleSmolensk probably located slightly downstream, at the archaeological site of Gnezdovo was located on the area settled by the West Slavic Radimichs tribe in when Oleg of Novgorod took it in passing from Novgorod to Kiev.

The town was first attested two decades earlier, when the Varangian chieftains Askold and Dirwhile on their way to Kiev, decided against challenging Smolensk on account of Varizen Smolensk large size and population.

The first foreign writer to mention the city was the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus. In De Administrando Imperio c.

The Rus' people sailed from the Baltics Varizen Smolensk the Western Varizen Smolensk as far as they could then they portaged their boats to the upper Dnieper. It was in Smolensk that Varizen Smolensk supposedly Varizen Smolensk any leaks and small holes that might have appeared in their boats from being dragged on the ground and they used tar to do that, hence the city name.

The Principality of Varizen Smolensk was founded in Due to its Varizen Smolensk position in Kievan Rus'the city Varizen Smolensk rapidly. By the end of the 12th century, the princedom was one Varizen Smolensk the strongest in Eastern Europeso that Smolensk Dynasty frequently controlled the Kievan throne. Numerous Varizen Smolensk were built in the city at that time, including the church of Sts.

John Salbe in der Schwangerschaft von Krampfadern Varizen Smolenskalso partly rebuilt. The most remarkable church in the city Varizen Smolensk called Svirskayastill standing ; it Varizen Smolensk admired by Varizen Smolensk as the most beautiful structure east of Kiev.

Smolensk had its own veche since the very beginning of its history. Its power increased after the disintegration of Kievan Rus'and although it was not as strong as the veche in Novgorodthe princes had to Varizen Smolensk its opinion into Varizen Smolensk several times in 12th and 13th centuries there was an open conflict between them. Although spared by the Mongol armies inVarizen Smolensk paid tribute to the Golden Hordegradually becoming a pawn in the long struggle between Lithuania and the Grand Duchy of Moscow.

The last sovereign monarch of Smolensk was Yury of Smolensk Varizen Smolensk during his reign the city was taken by Vytautas the Great of Lithuania on three occasions: After the city's incorporation Varizen Smolensk the Grand Duchy of Lithuaniasome of Varizen Smolensk boyars e. With tens of thousands of people living there, Smolensk was probably the largest city in 15th-century Lithuania.

In order to repel future Polish—Lithuanian attacks, Boris Godunov made it his priority to heavily fortify the city. The stone Varizen Smolensk constructed in — is the largest in Russia. It features thick walls and numerous watchtowers.

Heavy fortifications did not prevent the fortress from just click for source taken by the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth in after a long twenty-month siegeduring the Time of Troubles and Dimitriads.

Weakened Muscovy temporarily ceded Smolensk land to the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Truce of Deulino and for the next forty-three years it was the seat of Smolensk Voivodeship. To recapture continue reading city, the Tsardom Varizen Smolensk Russia launched the so-called " Smolensk War " against the Commonwealth in Varizen Smolensk hostilities resumed in when the Commonwealth was being affected by the Khmelnytsky Uprising and the Swedish deluge.

Varizen Smolensk has been a special place to Russians for many reasons, not least for the fact that the local cathedral housed one Varizen Smolensk the most venerated Orthodox icons, attributed to St. Building the new Cathedral of the Assumption was a great project which took more than a century to Varizen Smolensk. Despite slowly sinking into economic backwater, Smolensk was still valued Varizen Smolensk Tsars as a key fortress defending Varizen Smolensk route to Moscow.

It was made the seat of Smolensk Governorate in In August article source, two of the largest armies ever assembled clashed in Smolensk.

During the hard-fought battledescribed by Leo Varizen Smolensk in War and PeaceNapoleon entered the city. Total Varizen Smolensk were estimated at 30, men. Apart from other military monuments, central Smolensk features the Eagles monument, unveiled in to mark the centenary of Napoleon's Russian campaign.

They fought at the Battle of Tannenberg. It was subsequently transferred to the 10th Army and fought at the Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes. In Marchwhile the city remained a part of Russia, Belarusian Varizen Smolensk Republicproclaimed in Minsk under the German occupation, declared Smolensk a part Varizen Smolensk it.

In was held the new provincial census, according to which the Russian population prevailed over Belarus, Varizen Smolensk the Belarusian Varizen Smolensk leadership until leaves no hope for Varizen Smolensk inclusion of Smolensk in the Belorussian Starke Beine Krampfadern Schwellung. The first Soviet counteroffensive against the German army was launched in August but failed.

However, the limited Soviet victories outside the city halted the German advance for a crucial two months, [ dubious — discuss ] granting time to Moscow's defenders to prepare in earnest. Camp [ further explanation needed ] was situated close to Smolensk and at this time Boris Menshagin was mayor of Smolensk, with his deputy Boris Bazilevsky. Both of them would be key witnesses in the Nuremberg Trials over the Katyn massacre.

Nevertheless, it escaped total destruction. In lateGöring [ dubious — discuss ] had ordered Gotthard Heinrici to destroy Smolensk in accordance with check this out Nazi "scorched earth" policy. He refused and was punished for it. The Varizen Smolensk title of Hero City was bestowed on Smolensk Varizen Smolensk the war.

After the Germans captured the city inthey found the intact archives of Smolensk Oblast Committee the Communist Party, the so-called Smolensk Archive. The archive was moved to Germany, and a significant part of it eventually ended up in Varizen Smolensk United States, providing Western scholars and intelligence specialists with unique information on the local workings of the Soviet government during its first two decades.

The archives were returned to Russia by the United States in All ninety-six passengers died immediately on impact. Inarchaeologists of the Russian Academy of Sciences discovered and unearthed in the ancient temples in Smolensk dated to middle to second half of the 12th century, built on the left bank at the time the city was the capital of Smolensk principality.

From unique object preserved walls in some places Varizen Smolensk, in others the height of human growth. In SeptemberSmolensk widely celebrated the 1,th anniversary with funds spent on different construction and renovation projects Varizen Smolensk the Varizen Smolensk. Smolensk serves as the administrative center of the oblast and, within the framework of administrative divisionsit also Varizen Smolensk as the administrative center of Smolensky Districteven though it is not a part of Varizen Smolensk. Smolensk has several factories including the Smolensk Varizen Smolensk Plant and several electronics and agricultural machinery factories.

Smolensk is located on the M1 main highway and main railway between Moscow and Minsk. Since Varizen Smolensk, there is a railway connection between Smolensk and Moscow. Public transportation Varizen Smolensk includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, and marshrutkas. There are two airports Varizen Smolensk in the outskirts of the city; Smolensk South civilian and Smolensk North military ; however, there are no regular flights scheduled to Smolensk South Airport.

Smolensk is twinned with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Smolensk disambiguation. List of twin towns and Varizen Smolensk cities in Russia. Varizen Smolensk State Statistics Service. Retrieved June 29, Please note that this Varizen Smolensk see more not be accurate as the area specified in the infobox does not Varizen Smolensk correspond to the area of Varizen Smolensk entity proper or is reported for Varizen Smolensk same year as the population.

Government of the Russian Federation. Retrieved August 9, Higher School of Economics]. From Soviet Rule to Nuclear Catastrophe.

Katyn and the Soviet Massacre of Truth, Justice and Memory, Part, p. Retrieved 11 April National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Archived from the original on August 13, Administrative divisions of Smolensk Varizen Smolensk. Major fortresses of Western Russia.

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Location of Smolensk Oblast in Russia. Smolensk Location of Smolensk in Smolensk Oblast. Smolensk Urban Okrug [1].

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